The PrestaShop module allows a shop owner to implement the automatic creation of orders in Boekuwzending.


The minimum requirements for running this module in PrestaShop are:

  • PrestaShop 1.7.7
  • PHP 7.3
  • MySQL 5.6

Retrieve your credentials

To let the module communicate securely with the Boekuwzending API, you will need to request credentials. These credentials can be retrieved via the Mijn Boekuwzending platform. When logged in click on your username, navigate to "Integraties" and click the "Integratie starten" button next to PrestaShop.

Enter your Shop URL and choose the default sender address. You can change this address when processing the imported orders.

After submitting with "Koppelen" you will be shown your credentials. Keep these credentials safe, you will need them later to configure the PrestaShop module.


PrestaShop Module Catalog

Not yet supported.

Manual installation

To install the module in your PrestaShop installation, you can upload the released Zip file in your backoffice, by clicking "Upload a module" after opening the menu "Improve -> Modules -> Module Manager".


The module installation creates a new database table (DB_PREFIX)_boekuwzending_order, which allows linking one PrestaShop order to zero or more Boekuwzending orders.


When a new version of the module is released, you can update it by uploading a new version of the Zip file.


The module is configured from the Admin interface. You can find the settings under Improve -> Modules -> Module Manager, and then searching for the "" module. It can be found under the category "Shipping & Logistics".

Boekuwzending for PrestaShop: Find the module

Click the "Configure" button:

Boekuwzending for PrestaShop: Configure the module

Enter the values that are relevant to your shop and account, and click "Save". The configurable parameters are:

Live modeWhen "Yes", orders are created in the live environment of Boekuwzending. When Live mode is disabled, orders will be created in the staging environment.Yes | No
Client IDThe id belonging to the integration you want to link to this shop.Any string
Client SecretThe secret belonging to the integration you want to link to this shop.Any string
Shipping cost without matrixA fixed shipping fee for shipments that don't use the shipping matrixNumeric with decimals, in the currency of the store.


When the module has been configured, all future orders will be automatically forwarded through the API, making it known in Imported Orders at


An order that is not linked to Boekuwzending looks like this:

Boekuwzending for PrestaShop: Order not linked

Orders are usually linked on a one-to-one basis:

Boekuwzending for PrestaShop: One order linked

It's also possible to click "Create new order" and split an order into multiple orders at Boekuwzending:

Boekuwzending for PrestaShop: Multiple linked orders