CCV Shop

Creating the integration

To start the integration, please visit the CCV Shop App Store and click "Install app".

This will present you with the permissions screen. Check that you want to install this app using those permissions, and click "Install". You will now be taken to your Mijn account:

Here you'll find two input fields:

  • Shop-URL: {your-shop-name} (read-only, retrieved from the installation request).
  • Default from address: which "from" address you want to use for creating shipments from imported orders.

When you have entered all required inputs, you can click Koppelen. When any information is incorrect or missing, the reason will be shown. If everything's correct, you'll be taken to the installation completion page.

Importing orders

The Boekuwzending platform receives webhook calls from CCV Shop, notifying us about orders created in your shop. We will import orders that are marked as paid and as completed. We will also do a periodic sync to detect any new orders whose webhooks we missed, if any.

These imported orders can be found in the Mijn Boekuwzending customer panel under Zendingen, when navigating to Geïmporteerde bestellingen.

Dispatching shipments

When you create a label on our staging environment, the order will be marked as shipped on your linked CCV Shop production environment.

Labels generated on our staging environment can not be used with distrubutors.

On the "Geïmporteerde bestellingen" page a list of orders is shown which can be dispatched. To dispatch an order into a shipment simply select the desired service, the amount of labels and the shipment format, and click the "Label aanmaken" button, the arrow icon (-->).

After dispatching the desired shipments you can download/print the labels in your shipment overview.

When labels are available, a request is sent to CCV Shop to send information about the label to the open order. This way CCV Shop knows the order is shipped and no manual action is required by the user to update the shipping information. The order will then be marked as shipped, and the customer receive an email from CCV Shop stating that fact, along with the tracking code.

Removing unnecessary orders

When an order is shown which you don't want to ship using, you can select the checkbox at the start of the order line for the orders you wish to remove, then click "Verwijder bestellingen" to remove them from this list.