Available services

For the most common services the services are listed below. For the extensive list of all available services please consult your Boekuwzending.com account manager.


ServiceDescription (Dutch)
buzzie-standaardStandaard zending
buzzie-brievenbusBrievenbus zending
Buzzie services are currently available in a limited area only.

Getting available postcodes for Buzzie area

It is possible to retrieve the output as JSON or CSV.

ACCESS_TOKEN= # The Access Token from the token requestcurl 'https://api.boekuwzending.com/buzzie/postcodes' \--request GET \--header 'Accept: application/json' \--header "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"
ACCESS_TOKEN= # The Access Token from the token requestcurl 'https://api.boekuwzending.com/buzzie/postcodes' \--request GET \--header 'Accept: text/csv' \--header "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN" 


Destination Netherlands

ServiceDescription (Dutch)
postnl-3085Standaard zending
postnl-3090Standaard zending / Retour bij geen gehoor
postnl-3385Standaard zending / Alleen huisadres
postnl-3390Standaard zending / Alleen huisadres / Retour bij geen gehoor
postnl-3189Handtekening voor ontvangst
postnl-3089Handtekening voor ontvangst / Alleen huisadres
postnl-3438Pakket met leeftijdscheck 18+
postnl-3533Ophalen bij PostNL locatie

Destination Belgium

ServiceDescription (Dutch)
postnl-4943Standaard zending
postnl-4941Standaard zending / Alleen huisadres
postnl-4936Ophalen bij PostNL locatie

Destination EU

ServiceDescription (Dutch)
postnl-4940Pakket met Track & Trace (zakelijk)
postnl-4944Pakket met Track & Trace (consument)

Destination Rest of World (GlobalPack)

ServiceDescription (Dutch)
postnl-4945Pakket met Track & Trace
postnl-4947Pakket met Track & Trace (Combilabel)
For GlobalPack it is recommended to use the combilabel product code to ensure a faster process. These labels contain a 3S barcode (also used for domestic shipments) and a partner barcode (S10 barcode) that is accepted in the country of destination.


buz-dpd-classicDPD Classic
buz-dpd-homeDPD Home
buz-dpd-e10DPD Express 10:00
buz-dpd-e12DPD Express 12:00
buz-dpd-e18DPD Express 18:00
For the difference between DPD Home and DPD Classic see this page .