Pickup Points

Some distributors allow to send a shipment directly to a Pickup Point. Use this endpoint to retrieve nearby Pickup Points.

ACCESS_TOKEN= # The Access Token from the token requestcurl 'https://api.boekuwzending.com/pickup_points/NL/1435CJ' \--request GET \--header "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"
Replace country and postcode in the request to those of the receiver to retrieve there nearby Pickup Points.

Filtering distributor

Depending on your implementation it may be required to show only Pickup Points for a specific distributor. This can be achieved by appending ?distributor=... to the URL. Replace ... with the value from the following table.



To retrieve only Pickup Points for PostNL, use the following URL. https://api.boekuwzending.com/pickup_points/NL/1435CJ?distributor=postnl