There are two options to trace the shipment.

Track and Trace

Each returned label from the shipment response will include a link to the public Track and Trace page. In case the shipment is being processed by an external distributor, the user will automatically be redirected to the Track and Trace page for that distributor.

{    ...    "labels": [        {             ...            "trackAndTraceLink": ""        }    }}
The above shipment response example has been simplified.

Status information

To process status information pragmatically in your application the status endpoint could be used.

<?phprequire 'vendor/autoload.php';const CLIENT_ID = '';const CLIENT_SECRET = '';$client = \Boekuwzending\ClientFactory::build(CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET);$client->label->get('...'); # Replace with your label
{    ...    "status": "created"}
ACCESS_TOKEN= # The Access Token from the token requestLABEL= # The ID of the labelcurl "$LABEL" \--request GET \--header "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"
The above label response example has been simplified.

List of statuses

The following label statuses can be expected.

createdLabel has been created
scannedPackage is scanned at the distributor
in_transitPackage is in transit
at_customsPackage is being held at customs
deliveredPackage is delivered
at_pickup_pointPackage is delivered at a pickup point
picked_upPackage has been picked up from the pickup_point
rejectedPackage has been rejected by the receiver
return_in_transitPackage is in return transit to sender
return_deliveredPackage is return delivered to sender
missingPackage is missing
canceledLabel canceled