Creating Shipments from External Orders

Dispatching shipments

On the "Geïmporteerde bestellingen" page a list of orders is shown which can be dispatched. To dispatch an order into a shipment simply select the desired service, the amount of labels and the shipment format, and click the "Label aanmaken" button, the arrow icon (-->).

After dispatching the desired shipments you can download/print the labels in your shipment overview.

When labels are available, a request is sent to to send information about the label to the open order. This way knows the order is shipped and no manual action is required by the user to update the shipping information.

Removing unnecessary orders

When an order is shown which you don't want to ship using, you can select the checkbox at the start of the order line for the orders you wish to remove, then click "Verwijder bestellingen" to remove them from this list.

Cancelling a shipment will only cancel the shipment in the Mijn Boekuwzending platform. We do not communicate this cancellation back to the integration it originates from, and the order will not be imported again, even when updated at the source.