In this document we expect you to already have an active sellers account and existing API keys. Please visit if you're missing the required details and follow the instruction on 'Start selling on'

Creating the integration

To start the integration please visit the integrations page and click on the Integratie starten button next to the integration.

If you don't have a client ID or Secret from please click on the Verkrijg Inloggegevens button and follow the instructions for retrieving the keys.

When you have all the required information please copy and paste your client ID and secret in the desired fields and select an address. This address will be used as the sender address on all shipments imported from Click on Koppelen to connect your account to Boekuwzending.

If you receive a warning, please check if the given credentials are correct. Still can't connect? Contact us on and we are happy to assist.

Importing orders

Shipments can be created based on the open orders retrieved from Every few minutes the Boekuwzending platform makes a request to to retrieve a list of all open orders related to the connected integration.

Imported orders can be found in the Mijn Boekuwzending customer panel under Zendingen, when navigating to Geïmporteerde bestellingen. See Creating Shipments from External Orders for details.

When labels are requested for a particular order, a request is sent to to send information about the label to the open order and its items. This way knows the order is shipped, and no manual action is required by the user to update the shipping information.

Orders imported by are cancelled automatically when the order is processed outside of the Mijn Boekuwzending platform.